Make Sure Your Wishes are Carried Out

Partner with a Reedsburg, WI will and trust attorney

No matter how young or old you may be, you should establish a valid will. This ensures that your assets will be divided appropriately in the event of your death. You don’t want to leave your family in a disagreement over how to distribute your wealth. Set up your will with the help of Cardo Gorsuch Legal Services.

Establishing your will is a simple process that involves just a few steps:

  • First, we’ll sit down and talk about your assets and family.
  • Then you’ll decide how you want to see your estate distributed and who you want to place in charge of carrying out your wishes.
  • Next, your attorney will send the documents to you for your review.
  • Finally, you’ll return to the office and sign all of the documents to finalize the will.

Be proactive and call our office today to set up your will.

Last Will and Testament - Legal Help


If something happened to you that left you unable to make decisions about your finances or healthcare, who would be in charge of your wellbeing? We can help you legally designate the person who you wish to have your power of attorney in such circumstances.

Don’t delay—you have to set up a power of attorney before you’re mentally or physically unable to make decisions on your own. Contact Sandy Gorsuch for power of attorney services.