How Do You Establish Legal Guardianship?

Contact a Reedsburg, WI guardianship attorney to find out

While many children don’t ever expect to become a guardian for a parent or sibling, sometimes it’s in the best interests of the family. If you’re a grandparent seeking guardianship of a grandchild or you’re taking care of a sibling with mental disabilities, contact Cardo Gorsuch Legal Services. Your knowledgeable guardianship attorney will guide you through the process of establishing a legal guardian to care for the needs of your loved one.


Cardo Gorsuch Legal Services understands that guardianship cases can involve sensitive issues for the adults and children involved. When you schedule a consultation, we’ll:

Evaluate the child or adult to ascertain whether they need help.
Help you decide where they should be placed.
Take the necessary steps to set up a legal guardianship.

By taking these steps, we’ll make sure your loved one gets the care they deserve. Call now to speak with an experienced guardianship attorney in Reedsburg, WI.

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